Allan Ishac

AI … Apparently the IQ of the party and its leader in power is extremely small and does not compare with their excessively huge egos.

Having the ability to craft satire and one of a political nature takes a lot of skill. Satire helps us laugh when the alternative right now is to be beaten into submission by bullying and fear (you can quote me on that).

Je suis Charlie…

I am Charlie…

January 7th , 2015 made us aware that being a journalist, or even a satirical cartoonist can have deadly consequences. 12 employees of French satirical weekly paper Charlie Hebdo, that day. It was an attack felt worldwide by everyone. We became Charlie Hebdo, and we mourned. While the new US president has not physically stormed press and media offices with his GOP minions the attack on the media has similarities to extremists groups and dictatorial regimes.

As we look on closely at the state of the United States of America, maybe the word ‘united’ needs to be dropped. Maybe it will be renamed the United Socialist States of America (USSA), becoming a Russian State. The divisiveness and attacks on people and the press corps puts everyone who does not ‘kiss-a$# in firing range. It would not be surprising if they start finding ways to shut down the media houses. Already they have banned the reporting custodians of accountability to the citizens.

The people who know and understand fake news are the creators who are now installed in a house which used to be white. It looks quite dark and oppressive now. If the USA president created a non event in Sweden to cause fear, and his side-kick created a Bowling Green terrorist attack, both fiction birthed to mislead — that is the epitome of Fake News.

The world continues to look on in amazement.

As Bob Marley would say… Forward ever, backward never. I say, Satire ever, censorship never.

Keep it coming AI, you are on a roll!

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