Sean Spicer’s Ruthless Resignation Letter
Allan Ishac

AI, if I need a resignation letter you’re the man to help me out!

There is nothing I can add to this. You so soundly express how ‘Spicey’ should feel if he had even one brain-cell working. The image of him standing at the podium delivering one of his insane sounding briefs, with his pants at his ankles and white long-johns on display is too funny (if I see him in boxers I will puke)! I will never see him in any other way now. All he needs to do is copy and paste this letter and hand it in. Look, you’ve done a great thing helping this guy out, so I will nominate you for ‘Time’ person of the year. They need some help in knowing what we are looking for when they feature persons on the ‘Time’ cover!

You just have to be my ‘brother from another other parent’. Our DNA must be intermingled somewhere in the stratosphere! Great minds think alike!

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