Trump Panics, Installs Giuliani As New FBI Director To Bury Russia Investigation
Allan Ishac

Allan Ishac… this is make a movie week for the Trumpin kid! He is tired of everyone grabbing the spotlight and he wants it firmly on him. Let the games begin. No more ‘nice’ guy… its all about me, me, me…must’ve been the dream he woke from, and decided to wing it in a dress rehearsal. This is the beginning, the real movie is getting started!

As the plot thickens he’s thinking with all the brain matter he can muster ( and that is almost zero) and he wins when Comey if fired — and he loves firing people. Now its all guns blazing, including the television. Brilliant piece of thinking, made for TV, just fire the man investigating the relationship between Russia and the President and it will all go away. Change the plot and change the game. Duh, guess he forgot real life is NOT a movie — unless of course its reality TV. God help us all.

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