Mar 24, 2017 · 1 min read

Bingo Patrick McFadden!

Differentiation is the way to consistently set yourself apart and become a market leader. Leading your market should always be the objective. Gaining a small part of the market does not lead to long term sustainable success. Its like soccer and Manchester United. They aim to be leaders and legends, thus they lead. Even when they are at the bottom of their game they are aiming to be at the top. Market behavior is the same. Your brand can get to the top, and then be knocked over by the competition. You don’t settle for second because you know how to work to get to the top. A great example is Coca-Cola and Pepsi — they are both industry leaders because they strive to be the best! They sell the same product, same pricing, same customer targets, but someone will be #1 at any point in time. Their advertising and marketing campaigns are great.


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