In Defense of the So-Called “Failing” New York Times
Rachel Dodes Wortman

Congratulations to the Press… Bravo!!!

Rachel Dodes Wartman… You sure got it right! I want to congratulate CNN, New York Times, and all other newspapers, press, TV, media sites maligned by ‘the cry-baby president’ for doing a brilliant job! We know you’re doing a great job when you are attacked and hounded like you’re doing a bad job for good journalistic reporting. You are going to continue being attacked, but please hang in there. The world at large is feeling super proud and I’m sure all the journalists who have given their lives, have not died in vein.

Thank you for not bowing to the millionaires, pseudo-billionaires and the real ones, and the political powerhouses to weak to understand what a growing dictatorship looks like.

I salute you. Standing ovation. Military salute. Liberty, freedom, honor. Keep up the good fight!

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