A Letter to God From a Nervous Atheist
Dan Moore

Dan, think your thoughts may reflect that of many.

I believe in God. I believe his son came to earth , died for us and I believe he sees everything, and knows all before we do. I also believe he gave us freedom of choice, to believe what we want.

Your message to him would have been heard if it came from your heart. You will hear him if you believe in him. It takes a lot of inner silence to hear his voice.

I do wonder why he allowed that douchebag to win the USA elections, but I guess it’s because things were so good before when free choice worked. Don’t know why God allowed the devil to get Putin and his cheerleader together, but I have a theory. “I like prunes and sometimes I buy the pitted ones which are juicy with no seeds. On a couple of occasions I ate too much because I forgot what happens when I don’t think. So that bellyache kept me on the throne with a weak bowel for awhile. Now I’m careful not to make the mistake. The same with the US electorate, because soon enough the GOP and their followers will be on their toilets letting all the s#!$ come out, but it will take time. It is a shitty situation, but eventually the opportunity to change will come. Good will overcome evil and Beyonce will get that award she deserves. The world needs to see the importance of why good is needed, and sometimes bad things happen so we remember evil can 'grab us by the pussy”, and we need to unite to stop the criminals from ruling.

So here we are at this point..The atheist and the believer, both praying to God for some of the same things. Got to go, he just whispered in my ear and it’s time to hear his response.😊

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