Are You Able To Talk To Your Boss About Depression?
Lisa Gallagher

Depression is something many people go through at varying levels. Without understanding its genesis, an employee may say their job is depressing — which does not make much sense as a job is a function of a role. When expressed this way, I view it as a flag, that the employee may be in a situation where they need help with the stress and toxic or negative emotions generated from their job. I recall my daughter coming home one day in tears. Her job was making her anxious and depressed and filled with woeful dreadful feelings. She wanted to leave the environment and the people who were making it difficult for her to execute her job, after only a couple months. She was just out of school with no experience. She eventually spoke, sharing her day to day challenges, which involved being bullied, belittled, badgered, and criticized and insulted in front of customers. As I listened, I remembered conversations with past employees of that company, and their own challenges and why many left without jobs to go to. Even customers would leave the business depressed, frustrated and angry. What an environment for anyone to learn the world of work! She decided to leave the job, and agreed to give notice and do it properly after much discussion with me.

Its important for employers to create an atmosphere where employees will thrive and grow. Depression can grow on someone if their environment is stressful, toxic and unkind.

Thanks for another great article Lisa .

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