Stop Youthanizing White Men Who Behave Badly
Ezinne Ukoha

Ezinne Ukoha just bring it on, and maybe the message will resonate where it needs to. During these times the levels of entitlement which underscore the excuses is intolerable. I looked at the way that man could acclaim his penchant for “grabbing a woman’s pussy” and he got a presidency. Hell, I’m so ashamed of all the women who helped enable that buffoon to legitimize such disgusting behavior by voting for him.

The stark reality is if it were a black man he would never become president. In fact he would have been hauled off to the nearest jail and they would lose the keys on him. Look at the way white men get off for crimes and get a tap on the wrist or a few months probation while for the same crime a black man will be given fifteen years. Crime is crime, and I don’t see a color where criminal actions are concerned.

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