told him from the beginning that it didn’t matter how many promotions he gave me, he could only sleep with Ivanka once a week.
20 Concerns On Jared Kushner’s Mind Every Time He Gets Another Promotion
Allan Ishac

Hahaha..Now you are getting closer to the truth. The woman has all the men by the “tennis balls” or maybe “golf balls”are more appropriate. Kushy is probably glad to go so he won’t hear how great Daddy is when he goes to bed at night. Must be a bit intimidating to constantly have an orange orangutan in the room. Though it is the price you pay when you can be bought for 30 pieces of silver from your father- in-law.

I don’t feel sorry for that clan or their minions. I do feel sorry for the world now that their brand of 'family”and nepotism is allowed to run wild and free.

Another level of excellence Allan..All aces so far in satire😊

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