The wonders of age 44
John Markowski

Happy 44!

Well you sure debunked my sexist thoughts about aging. I note your state of worry is similar to a woman’s and the curse of the aging body has attacked you. Listen, I’m hitting 48 and I still have not found the fountain of youth. No stilettos, bra or wig will make a difference either. Do not go near the patisserie and keep away from the snack aisle, especially the chocolates and very salty stuff. Men don’t have menopause but you might get that midlife crisis thing… just remember the sexy babe with the nose-hair clipper is your wife, and is great with a blade. (hahaha)

Overall you’re doing okay. You’ll know you’re over the hill when you start watching YouTube videos of the latest songs and trying them out in front of the mirror. Whatever you do, don’t let the kids catch you. You’re safe for now. Happy 44!

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