Trump Phones Duterte of Philippines For Tips On “Eliminating” Political Enemies
Allan Ishac

I am so sorry. There was no other way but to highlight this intriguing satire because it is sure to be less painful than reality. Damm and double dam!

So lets get this straight all the murderous, conniving, mercenary, repulsive, authoritarian leaders of this world will start swarming together like what we’ve all seen in Gotham city. This man is taking his friggin make believe fantasies and creating a titanic ship of pseudo leaders. I’m hoping this idea of his sinks like the real titanic, before more mass murders are committed. There is strength in numbers and these ‘real world villains’ are a disreputable mix of disgrace and despairing disillusion!

Just waiting for Maduro, Mugabe, and even the leader of ISIS to get that warm welcoming call. The clock is ticking. If it has not happened — its only a matter of time! Might as well add Erdogan, and Abdel Fattah el- Sisi as the existing partners of the dark doomsday group!

Shit and triple shit! My apologies for swearing. I’m gonna need a lot more than a few doses of coffee to figure this episode of ‘trumpin the whitehouse — invaders bay’.

Here I thought Armageddon was a movie and the fury of hell runneth over had everything to do with a woman being scorned. Hmm. This must be the makings of a Lifetime Original Movie.

Gotta get that bunker built!

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