COVFEFE CARRIER: “Everyone thinks they’re so smart mocking me about my covfefe, but no one even knows what it is, the idiots! You’ll be one of the few in my inner circle who sees and touches my covfefe as you carry it six paces behind me wherever I go. On the first day of your employment, my daughter Ivanka will show you how to make the covfefe wimper with delight. This is an exclusive job that anyone in the country would feel privileged to have, so it’s really more of an honor job than a revenue generator.
Trump Says He Doesn’t Want Poor People Running His Economy, But Has 913 Other Jobs For Them
Allan Ishac

I’m trying to figure out what that covfefe is that needs to be seen and touched, yet can be carried six paces behind president toddler? The only thing I can come up with ( zero pun intended, hahaha ) is an artificial attachment of some sort for a missing or immobile or dead organ. I wonder…??? No you could not mean…??? Wow, no way could it be…? Can someone please ask his wife about her covfefe ?

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