Trump’s Challenge is More “Shallow Vision” than “Deep State”
John Patty

John Patty this is quite an interesting discussion. The bottom line though is because the new USA president is inept at the basics of leadership, and has no knowledge of the operations of the position he holds, and is indeed quite shallow and unwilling to acknowledge his weaknesses and missteps, not to mention has lost all credibility as the liar-in-chief, his challenges will keep mounting. Even if, by a big stretch of ones imagination he were to get on the rails of the presidency, it would not take very long before he fell off. What most people may have forgotten, was he needed a ‘mommy like figure’ to scold and coach him to get to the end of the race. Now his ‘mommy’ has to leave him to his whims and fancy and the cleaned up child can no longer be presented. Even the mommy needs a sitter/coach now!

Fascinating article.

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