Trump Tweets: “Uncle Sam…Sad! We Must Replace With New Donnie Warbucks Logo”
Allan Ishac

Keep Rolling that dice…

Allan, I don’t think he will release the taxes, even if the taxes were true. Chances are he knows if they were disclosed any ‘doctoring’ of the records would be discovered under scrutiny. By the time he does disclose he should have someone do a switch with the ones held by the IRS. For sure this is big. But, I’m wondering if the taxes of all the spawn and wifey including the son-in-law can be checked as well. Sometimes the answers are hiding right in front of you. So I’d look closer to home also. In monopoly when you throw the dice sometimes you land in jail, and have to get a ‘get out of jail free card’ or throw 3 ‘sixes’ in succession — if I remember correctly. By getting into the presidency he thinks he has the ‘get out of jail’ card. Maybe he is right if all the crooks surround him. The people who vote and support him know and accept his crooked and evil ways. Even Hitler had supporters. Roll the dice, and keep rolling until he gets to jail!

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