The Disconnect Between Us and Our Human Nature
Sarah Elkins

“Look up”… Sarah Elkins, you are bang on correct. It’s getting increasing difficult to talk to family and friends as everyone is ‘busy’ looking at a screen. Having a conversation seems to be a test in patience as the mobile phone takes precedence. Everything coming into that small device is urgent, and there is limited interaction during family time.

Taking a mobile phone wherever one goes, including bed, is now very crazy. Do the people using technology understand it now feels like technology is using us? Hmm. I’m concerned for the world as I knew it. While embracing all the changes do we through out all that was good also? Our human nature is being challenged with its development when our three year old’s can type and understand how to use a computer before they learn how to write and develop their coordination skills.

Look up… take your eyes off the screen and see the world is taking place beyond a small screen and a headset!