How to love a fat person.
Your Fat Friend

Love being you!

My nickname at primary school was bony-macaroni…never thought I’d gain weight, on anywhere but my butt. After my second child, the pounds slowly came on. Then ten years later after the third, I was called plus sized. For all of my thirties and part of my forties i’ve been overweight. Maybe, because I have a “don’t give a shit” mentality when it comes to what others think I never fussed…until someone thought I was too​ fat to date. I never had a problem before, because my sexiness was a part of my confidence, until that guy.

Many years later, still over- weight, and fit ,but got back my mojo and swag. People need to see people from the inside out. Life is too short to live the life others want you to have. My advice for anyone carrying the labels fat, overweight, plus sized… dance in your swag! Work your body as you like, live your life. Be as healthy and as happy as you want to be. If the treasure from within can’t be seen from the outside, remember, one must look way beyond the surface to find oil, gold, and precious gems. Not everyone knows how to identify the riches of the world — takes real skill. It’s not easy being someone else, so you might as well enjoy being you. Love your best you!