Love Choices, and Mushy Movies

Thoughts on a rainy Saturday

I like to watch mushy romantic movies. They remind me of dreamy years, almost certainly eons ago. Most of these movies have a happy ever after ending, and they remind me that we choose our happiness path. So here are my thoughts on romantic love — it really is possible. I have seen many live stories and read many tales of forever after. I have even sat on the sidelines encouraging my friends in their love relationships. Looking in I am happy that love exists.

Stop asking — why are you single?

The love I know of did not last. I did not feel less than I should, because I was not the dream. The one you wish to wake up with in the morning, or the last person you want to see at night can be a fairytale or nightmare. The one to be loved and cherished, was not me. Does it make me less of a romantic or less real because I have spent most of my life chasing moonbeams while walking on the sands? Maybe I am the person with so much love to give, it’s too much be received? Maybe, all the maybes are the consolation prizes for choices. Whatever the reason, I still believe that love, the passionate type exists for many, and is not there for everyone. Therefore, the stories of love, and movies which make us cry are a way to shed the emotions not used. It is indeed a happy time, when we can see our solitude and accomplishments, not in what we do not have , but in what we have right now.

My favorite romance song is ‘Lady in red’, and that’s followed by ‘Tonight’ by John Legend. When it comes to movies, ‘Think like a man’ from Steve Harvey’s book, gives me goosebumps and brings on my water -works every time. Then there is Queen Latifa and Common in ‘Just Wright’ a 2010 movie, and I do enjoy the scene when the guy realizes he made a mistake! These Cinderella movies do help to keep one from being jaded. They share good times , bad times and some compromising times. For me these movies cause my heart to be filled with emotions even though I know the ending!

So what are your love choices… just think about them, and watch a movie. Sometimes we need a break from reality and a moment to appreciate our choices. Sometimes the blessing of your singleness should be celebrated and not shunned!

A bit of a flake but its all a part of me… and it feels good sharing with you!

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