My Prediction That Trump Will Resign By August 18th Has Been Revised To July 15th
Allan Ishac

Lowering the bar on accountability for USA Presidency in 2017

Allan, having followed the USA presidential elections from George W. Bush to the present one, it is quite clear that standards for the presidency took a sharp drop this time around. It is with great shock and amazement the world looks on at the ‘sheer lack of accountability and decent behavior’ which is now acceptable by those in power. The latest chant — he has no experience as a politician or president! What a load of garbage — so he gets a free pass to be a world class A$$H**#, because he’s white, rich (debatable), connected, old coot. When will his self inflicted, childish , petty, spiteful, coward crazy behavior stop being tolerated? Do republicans in office have no moral/ethical/decent /honorable standards anymore?

Has the fact that the GOP finally found its way into the presidency ‘by any means necessary’ removed the bar of truth and accountability, honor, and good governance? Russia owns them all, hence Putin had his staff check out the place last week. #45 had to fire Comey first, and then get everyone to chant, ‘there is no Russia collusion’. Comey knew he could NOT trust anyone, so he made sure he kept the cards close to his chest. The Republicans are calling for all the intel from the FBI to be handed over so they can do ‘damage control doctoring’. ( Have to write a book — can’t buy this plot anywhere!)

Every single day the excuses and shifty responses by this comical horror fest of actors keep unfolding. Soon SNL, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, will be the ones delivering the news full time. There has to be a way to get through this tumultuous historical storm. I’m thinking comedy and laughter, can take the edge off this nightmare the American public and the world now faces.

When the enemy of the state is the president and his ‘ass-kissing’ minions what happens to the ‘law abiding citizens of the world? What does the GOP need to see happen to accept they have ALL lowered their standards below that of the world’s dictators, now allies of their president? Has power removed any level of decency? Has partisanism become more important than patriotism?

Imagine world leaders NOW know because of the evidence from the mouth of the USA president — he cannot be trusted with classified intelligence. Do not tell him anything you don’t wish the Russians or any other to know. He lies, so ensure you don’t believe a word he says! He will never admit when he is wrong because he lives in his head — and his followers seem to also!

The behavior and character of #45 has been the topic of international discussions. His lack of intelligence and understanding of who a president is and how he should conduct himself is a regular topic on BBC and most international news outlets. He has a short attention span, has no knowledge of politics worldwide, and is the dimmest bulb one can find. He is a liar — the world accepts that. He has no honor — he proves that over and over. He cannot be trusted and he is continuously compared to a toddler. He is making Kim Jung- un look very respectable right now.

Presidents come and go, but their legacy lives on. How they respond to crisis, how they negotiate, and how they care for their citizens and the world, how through their tenure they honor the highest office of the land. If #45 wanted to make Bush x2, Clinton, and Obama look bad — he has managed to make them look beyond great!

Finally, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. I think this is what drives #45. It is the only rational reason, apart from lunacy. He saw a brilliant black man, as his enemy, thus those who were enemies of America, are now embraced as his friends. Even Vladimir Putin rushes to offer transcripts of a conversation (as if he could be trusted) for the USA congress. This is the contempt unleashed as a result of race and bias and hatred. This is what white supremacy governance looks like.

The damage has been done. You moved up your date, but it needs to come closer my friend.

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