Dear Sister,
Allan Ishac

My brother,

Don’t worry, you will be safe — just need to remember its in or genes or jeans — the blue ones with holes ripped in. Your magic super-powers pen is in the right pocket. I left a fiver in there so you can bribe the guys holding you. Everyone touching the fiver but you will get a zap — a bit like the one we posted to Vladimir so we can get the evidence when he hands it to that nutcase president, but that one has the red ink and sound. Beep beep beep… shit it just connected that’s the FBI laser red ink going off… the money has been handed over, I’m going to call ‘Real America 911’!

You’re not going Guantanamo, just spoke to superheroBO2008 he’s on his way to meet you! I’m heading to the IRS with superheroMO2008, she sure is kickass fit, glad I’ve been eating healthy! Beauty and brains!

The parents say keep writing, the pen is mightier than the sword!

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