this is how you lose her
emily s ☁️

Not buying the fairytale…

A beautiful romantic story of loving and losing. I’m not drinking the same Kool-Aid from many years ago. It’s quite possible the mixture has changed.

For love to work it has to be a two way street with both parties going in the same direction. People change. As we get to know someone sometimes that love emotion cools and is different for one person.

Here is some advice to girls like her;

  1. If a man loves you he will show you, by the way he responds to being with you.
  2. If you are willing to be the only one trying to have a relationship, then you’re in it with yourself, and that's very sad for you.
  3. Hey, do not go giving all this great love from this great person for free. Anything of value in life- we have to work for it. No one treats what’s given for free the same. Its like getting ‘fashion jewelry’ or precious gems. You can buy one yourself or wait for someone to give you ‘the ring’.
  4. Please stop whining and crying about how good you treat the man and he treats you badly. Seems to me if you are willing to accept crappy behavior he will keep giving you crap.
  5. Choose to walk away when you are no longer happy. While we know relationships have ups and downs, if you are stressed and unhappy, its not working for you. Would you keep a pet that makes you unhappy? (hopefully the answer is no)
  6. So maybe initially he was nice and then he changes. Wake up please. Read the signs he is giving and not the signs you want to believe. Love should be real. Do not live in your imagination.
  7. I’m sorry to be the one to clue you in, but when you walk away, chances are he will not be missing you. He will not be sorry you are no longer around. He will probably have more time to check out his side-chick.

If it sounds tough my friend and fairytale heroine, maybe you need to read Steve Harvey’s book on thinking like a man. Better yet, watch the movie and find the strength to love yourself . When you love yourself , you will know your worth, and won’t be hoping he regrets hurting you. You will put your big girl panties on (even if its a thong) and dance in front of your mirror in heels to “Shake it off!”

*** Great article. Could not resist responding as above :-) Emily s

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