Dear President Obama, Please Activate Those White House Booby Traps Now
Allan Ishac

politicsHAHAHA… #boobytrapsPlease

Boom… Finally the rest of the world can sleep once this is not a piece of fiction you wrote. Please (whining uncontrollably, with tears and on bended knees) tell me its true. Tell me there are lots of booby traps, and I’m having a nightmare of epic proportions. Whew.

For a minute there I thought a crazed-ass creature won the USA election, who had a very, very, small vocabulary and a ‘bigly’ ego; was helped to throw wool over the eyes of many citizens with the help of the Russians, and lies of mammoth proportions. In my nightmare, the creature hated the press, created Fake News crisis, was a bully and was fond of grabbing women by their genitalia. He was a KKK man with a love for remote controls, fox news and Vladimir Putin!

Okay, so its still 2016 and the world has not gone mad. Theresa May is not the UK prime minister, President Barack Obama is the USA president and the very adorable Michelle Obama is still FLOTUS. If 2017 is going to be as bad as my dream, please don’t wake me up, unless boobytraps are installed!