Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

Standing ovation for this thoughtful and down to earth reality check for the folks who are willing to accept the hatred and abuse from this repugnant example of faecal matter. Trump makes bad look like a very dark hell — his followers remind us that no asylum is big enough to keep some much psychopaths in check and under medication. Its amazing how much support he can still have, but then there are many in his world who thrive on a culture of sexual abuse, sleazy sexual fantasizing of daughters and dismissing such behavior as a rite of being rich, famous, or too poor morally to know better. At his age he wants to leave a legacy, something to be known for forever… he sure got this. He will be remembered as the biggest loser to challenge Hitler and win. The worst example of a business con artist the world could find in this era, and the lowest form of humankind appointed to lead the Republican party into an abyss of self imposed destruction. Yes, he won his legacy , one can compete with this disgrace, and with like minded supporters cheering that win.

You got this right Abby Norman, and let all the haters get an opportunity to reflect.