Tuesday Tricksters, Missal — Mode
Susan Rooks

Susan Rooks, its great to have this today. Okay I’m going to use all —

As I read the Missal, I knew it was wrong to hope a Missile would somehow Mist that orange Orangutan. It Missed the target, but as I spied out the telescope I saw the Moat had people hiding from a Russian. Suddenly I heard a Moan and there was a woman with a Mote of water on her face. She was telling the Russian, the animal they were looking for was seen close to the White House where the gardener had Mowed the lawn. The Russian man left on his Mode of transport and went to the garden and waited till the next day, to bribe the gardener after he had Mown the lawn. The Orangutan then split the money with the gardener, for being the decoy in the plot of M…

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