Interesting Post. It is true that bolt has ears to listen just like humans. How is that possible?
Moss Clement

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject Moss Clement. The blogger in many instances, starts writing to fill a need, which can be a desire to share. After a few posts the desire for interaction and communication is stimulated, and at that point they think about an audience. With consumer products one would never start without determining the demographics of market to be pitched. That’s how we ‘listen’ and shape demand to be satisfied. The blogger, realizing that they have a product they wish to share now has to create a market (audience) by listening to the readers. Quite a fascinating phenomenon, from my vantage point. This is where your observation really rocked — “You have to listen to your readers or consumers to determine what they want to read. What problems they want to solve, or the suggestions they’re offering.”

Hoping to share some more on this in the upcoming weeks.

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