Deep Thoughts on world crisis

Disclaimer: These thoughts may offend and evoke feelings. They ignited my feelings and compassion for those persons who died or feel in fear for their lives by acts of hate, violence, persecution. Proceed with caution. These are the opinions and thoughts of the author, for respectful contemplation.

This smile…It all weighs heavily on my mind. The smile you see hides the depth of pain sometimes felt. It is a reminder that no one or situation can control the corners of your mouth but you.


Who goes there? What is your trading currency? Do you let yourself be used as a tool of fear? Has religious idolatry created it’s own Armageddon?

Boom goes the airport, and we are filled with pain!Turkey

Boom goes the theater, and we are filled with pain!France

Boom goes the Club, and we are filled with pain! USA

Then boom goes the man trumping hatred and fear! Boom, boom! What more can we feel? USA

What is happening to life? When will we be able to live… without worrying for the safety of those we love and ourselves, others.

“When your neighbor’s house is on fire, wet your own also”. A local Trinidad saying meaning simply — you can have the same trouble as your neighbor so help your neighbor and yourself in times of trouble!


There is a traveler within my spirit who wants to see the world.Not this one, the one where I can pass through an airport smiling as I take my cab to the hotel. On that day I would meet my friend Sema, a fellow MBA student, and she would show me the beauty of her country.

Now, I cannot dream to visit without becoming fearful as I recall the footage of the blasts.The wailing, the tears, the lives lost. The hopes and dreams of so many…boom!


I have been quite fortunate to visit Disney Beach and Golf Resort some years ago. I still have the photo of Goofy and I in the lobby. The feeling of happiness and elation as only a woman well into her thirties can feel living a dream. I saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse, I still have the key.

As I looked at the footage of the survivors speaking, shaking — the horror of the lives lost in Orlando club hurts. They went out to relax in what they thought was a safe public space …‘boom’.


Aberdeen is beautiful and there was nothing bad to imagine trumping about. The people were warm and helpful. Their dislike for the western Trump-et I understand. Not everyone or everything can bought.

The sounds I hear on the internet, social media from a possible leader is filled with bigotry, racism, hate, as the lungs roar with the news coverage… boom, boom boom, “when I am…”

The sentence will never end, I hope, with the word ‘ president!’


A gateway to Paris and all my European dreams! I remember trying to get the details to visit Paris.There was never enough time.I want to visit the theatre, the shops, and sit in a cafe while listening to the chatter of French flowing from everyone.

Spain, Italy, Norway, Germany, the places with the people I dream to see. I dreamt of experiencing life and people. The trading currency of experiences via people. It is the people who make the currency work.

The Trading Currency of People

Who runs the economies of the world? The continents, languages, religious beliefs, cultures, are established by people, divided by people and united by people. If no one used the £ the value of trade would be limited to those in England. The € is an acceptable currency only because of the strength of the European Union… then the people said…Brexit — ‘boom’ we are out.

The trading currency is too high… Immigration is a major problem with the ISIS crisis. A sovereign state needs to secure its boarders or it loses its sovereignty. Will you go into another’s house without an invitation?

We trade in people all over the world.Learning from each other. Sharing discoveries, innovation, technology. Who brings the wealth in for others to export? Free movement of people has a cost. What will the people pay, for the people to live. The ones who are not trapped by religious beliefs, are the extremists because they now control the people who hold onto their beliefs. Look closer at the people. It is but a few who wage war and anarchy — so why do we hand over power to the few.

Extremists prey on those powerless to defend themselves.. Boom, boom boom your life will be richer if you die while glorifying our God. Who is this God you serve, who is this one you will kill others for — let those who feel extremely die unto their own hands without taking another. Cowards, extreme bullies, who hate to love, knowing hate as their love. If you love people and this world so little, take yourself to your better place, but go alone. Do not be afraid to be selfish with your thoughts, to yourself. Be brave and bold unto yourself. Do not mock your God by sending those who are not as great as you think of yourself. Guns, guns… Boom boom…

Please build a wall, to help keep the hatred out of your heart. Build a wall to keep the guns out of your lives. Build a wall by linking hands with others to show love, hope and solidarity for what is good.

As we face political, religious, racial, gender issues and crisis, remember, trade. For trade to be effective we need the people. The human capital. It is our trading currency for the world to be a richer place.We create, build, grow, and exist with each other, making each other better or worse.

I lay awake trying to plan the places I dream to see, before they become a distant memory. Armageddon.

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