President Comes Unglued: Blames “Trivago Guy” For Failure Of Travel Ban
Allan Ishac

Wish President NutKracker a lot of bad luck and resistance as he continues to try to undermine the humane, moral and ethical fabric of the land. I’m guessing we has never said, “we the people…”. Its all about himself and what he wants, likes and thinks is acceptable. Happy to see he is unable to get around the judicial system for now. However, he’s going to ‘amp-up’ his gutter Russian politricks and then we will suddenly see, ‘perfect tax declarations, wiretapping information as determined from his selective newscasters, and maybe even a hit on the judges or their family for opposing his will. He’s not stupid, just despicable, racist, and a terrible human being. He knows how to con, how to brainwash, how to lie, and how to cheat and outsmart an electorate. He also has his hero-worshipping of Vladimir to keep up a relationship with. Don’t underestimate the power of evil — even Bane in Batman Rises had an ace to the very end; and that chick reminds me of ‘Side-chick Alternative facts & Microwave’!

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