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Lasallian education is more accessible than you think, thanks to the University’s many scholarship programs!

Did you know that De La Salle University currently has approximately 25% of its student population on full scholarship?

Lasallian education is more accessible than most people think, as the University offers several scholarship opportunities to deserving students.

During his time, St. John Baptist De La Salle made sure education was accessible to more people. His legacy still lives on today.

Many also do not know that St. John Baptist de La Salle, founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, made it his life’s work to help the poorest of the poor. Born in France to a wealthy, noble family, St. John Baptist de La Salle renounced his wealth because he was so moved by the plight of the poor. Believing that quality education was a way to a better life, he established a school system for the underprivileged. This school system now has a network in 81 countries all over the world, including the Philippines!

DLSU remains true to St. John Baptist de La Salle’s mission of making quality education accessible to everyone, most especially the underprivileged. Through its flagship scholarships, the University is able to make education accessible to more Filipinos.

Are you an aspiring Lasallian? If you are dreaming of getting into DLSU, then now is the best time to learn about the University’s Flagship Scholarships!

Vaugirard Scholarship

This scholarship is for those who graduated from Philippine public high schools. Eligible students must be among the top examinees of the DLSU College Admissions Test (Graduates of public high schools can take the DCAT for free.) and has a family gross income of no more than Php 700,000 annually. Scholars under the Vaugirard Scholarship receive a full waiver on tuition, miscellaneous, and laboratory fees all throughout their stay in DLSU. They also get a monthly stipend for lodging, food, and other school expenses. Read up on this scholarship program here.

Star Scholars Program

The Star Scholars Program is the most comprehensive scholarship program in the Philippines. It is DLSU’s premier scholarship for the best and brightest students in the country. Those accepted into this program receive a benefits package that includes full waiver on tuition and miscellaneous fees, a monthly stipend that covers lodging, food, and other school expenses, advance enrollment privileges, and a laptop. Star Scholars are also mentored by University Fellows throughout their stay in the University. In addition, Star Scholars also have the unique opportunity to earn a master’s degree, pursue legal education, or go to medical school proper upon the completion of their undergraduate degree. You can learn more here.

Gokongwei Grants

Students chosen for this scholarship program get full waiver of tuition, miscellaneous, and other fees from the first term until the conclusion of any engineering undergraduate program in the Gokongwei College of Engineering. Grantees also get a monthly stipend that covers books, transportation, food, and other school-related allowances. They have additional benefits such as advance enrollment and waiver of adjustment and graduation fees.

Archer Achievers Program

This grant is for students who topped the DCAT and are the candidates for the Star, Vaugirard, and Gokongwei scholarship programs. Scholars under the Archers Achiever program receive full waiver of tuition and other fees all throughout their stay in DLSU. Recipients of this grant have other perks such as advance enrollment, waiver of adjustment fee, and waiver of graduation fees. Learn more about eligibility here.

Other scholarships and financial aid programs

DLSU also has other financial assistance programs such as the athletic scholarship or tuition discount, cultural arts tuition discount, student publications discount, and the zero interest student loan program. So if you’re really good at sports, writing, or the performing arts, you may be eligible for a scholarship or a significant tuition fee discount!

You can learn more about all of them here or get in touch with the University’s Office for Admissions and Scholarships. Live your Lasallian dream. See if there’s a DLSU scholarship for you!

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