Many people who stay in small towns believe their way of life to be noble, superior to the cities
Why I’m not giving Trump a chance
Bart Schaneman

And yet, if those of us in the cities say the same about our way of life (that it is noble or superior, that it should be … well, if not preserved, then expanded), then we are the damned “coastal elite,” not to be trusted — we are the problem.

Throughout the campaign and since the election, we kept hearing about how rural and rust-belt (mostly white) people “have not been heard.” Oh, but they have been heard, for about 250 years. For the most part, in fact, only they have been heard. You may recall a little thing called Jim Crow: that is what comes of listening to white people and “preserving their ways.”

I understand that we need to come together as a nation, but we cannot come together by simply capitulating. 45 barely won the election, so this is not the time to say “well, I guess he and his base are in charge now.”

But I guess that’s the point of your whole piece, so I’ll just shut up and keep reading. :-)

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