weird bearded guys with thick-rimmed glasses in the english geneds you survived
You comp sci guys needed to pay more attention to those weird bearded guys with thick-rimmed…
Adam Wykes

I’ve got a degree in writing—specifically, a BS in Technical Writing and Editing from Carnegie-Mellon University—so I guess I am one of the people you are trying to demean with your dismissive description. I am not bearded, and my glasses rims are slim (and, on one pair, virtually nonexistent).

With that background, I’m pleased to say that I quite like what Morten has done. In preparation for my degree, I honed my craft with writing exercises that involved imposing various limitations and restraints in order to break out of habits, such as writing in Terza Rima sonnet form or entirely in iambic pentameter. Even Twitter, with its 140-character limit, is a tool that helps sharpen my skills.

Nobody’s trying to “change the very fabric” of anything. Morten is having a bit of fun with language, which is something everybody would do well to explore if they’d like to improve as a writer.

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