Automation: The Biggest Mainstay in and throughout 2017

Automated customer service won’t go away, but it will get better and more powerful thanks to the rapid development of AI technology. Online customer service will be automated as well, with the help of chatbots that understand context a whole lot better than before. Alexa, the voice service that powers Echo has now became the most popular automated service in the market place, which is used by hundreds and thousands of companies.

More and more jobs will be automated, removing the human component from the services. Smart devices are getting power from increased automation, learning your patterns and preferences without you even notice that. Fast food service is highly automated today, machine making hamburgers without the help of human. Food delivered by drones without delivery persons. Even journalist’s work on writing the news can be replaced by machines, thanks to the emerging technologies of natural language processing. “A machine will win a Pulitzer Price one day,” predicts Kris Hammond from Narrative Science, a company that specialises in “natural language generation”. “We can tell the stories hidden in data.”

Google’s Alpha Go, an artificial intelligent Go playing system, had beaten all the top human Go experts, making a 50-match winning streak. This breakthrough means that the AI has acquired a fully functional logical reasoning ability and they could do more in other areas. When automation is combined with machine learning, everything can improve even faster, so 2017 has the potential to be a truly landmark year.