Issue #03 Digital Marketing Weekly

Digital Agencies & Consultants

Mediaboom — A Luxury Branding and Marketing Agency — MEDIABOOM
Mediaboom is a digital marketing agency that caters to the needs of sophisticated brands…

MetricTheory — Data Driven Marketing — Metric Theory
Award winning digital marketing agency, passionate about turning data into visible results across Search, Social & Display…

Content Marketing

11 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Bleeding Money (And How To Stop It) — Ross Simmonds
We pour our heart and soul into uncovering research, crafting new ideas and then bringing those strategies to life. If you’ve ever built a c… by Ross Simmonds

Inbound Marketing Or Outbound Marketing, Which Should You Use? — rebrandly
There are a ton of different avenues you can use for your marketing efforts. But how do you know which one will yield the best results? It c… by Ian Matthews

How to Growth Hack Your Content Marketing — inbound rocket
Attention is the glue that sticks everything together and keeps the funnel moving. But while every business tries to finds its niche in this… by Hans van Gent

Email Marketing

The Ultimate List of Email Marketing Resources — rewardstream
With a little bit of know-how, you can learn how to make your list even more effective for driving sales and identifying leads. Consider the… by Neil Parker

How to Drive Maximum Engagement Through Email Marketing — sleeknote
As marketers, we send out so many emails to try and engage subscribers and customers because we know that engagement drives conversions and … by Rikke Berg Thomsen

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Keyword Targeting: A Simple SEO Trick When You Have Two Closely Related Topics– Orbit Media Studios
You’ve got an idea. You’re ready to write. You do a quick bit of keyword research before you jump in …and you quickly find several related … by Andy Crestodina

3 Nimble And Smart Ways to Cultivate Your SEO — TechWyse
Having a website is a lot like running a farm. It’s not enough to just plant your crops and hope they grow.… by Sagi Solomon

How to Easily Leverage Your Content Marketing for Local SEO — coschedule
People search for local businesses every day. They use relevant keywords with specific location names to find businesses close to them. In f… by Shane Barker

Social Media Marketing

A Social Media Manager’s Toolbox — TechWyse
With so many options and such a wide variety of tools available, which should you use? Should you try to find something that does everything… by Jason Woudsma

3 Keys to a Killer Social Media Customer Support Strategy — Mention
Before you can do something well, you need to define what well means. Depending on what your business goals are, you need to lay out the key… by Joei Chan

Social Media Marketing Insights: What We Learned From 942 Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Posts in 2017 — Autopilotus
We recently analyzed 942 social media posts to discover what works in 2017. Some of what we discovered will confirm what you already know… by Jes Kirkwood

Digital Marketing Tools

Boost close rates by 400% — Digital Marketing Tools — Veloicfy
Increase Sales Team Revenue by 400% Boost Your Team’s Productivity Now!
Highlights: Increases Sales Performance, Detailed Reporting And Anal…

Increase Customer Engagement — Digital Marketing Tools — Red Point Global
Improve Your Customer Digital Marketing Strategy w/ the Power of Data. Empower Your Organization · Gain A Comp Advantage · Convert Data Into…

Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing Specialist — Chariot San Francisco
The Digital Marketing Specialist will drive our online customer acquisition efforts by setting our digital strategy, launching and managing

Content & Social Media Marketer — Sentieo San Francisco
An ideal candidate will have experience running content and social channels at a successful enterprise SaaS organization. Candidates must be…