The Popularity of the Piano

kawai piano

The piano was invented some 500 years ago (although it’s safe to say that earlier pianos may have looked somewhat different) and within that time it has become one of the most distinctive and beloved of instruments.
Millions of fans worldwide enjoy the sound of the piano whilst many more play for their own enjoyment. Songwriters and music producers use the piano as their main musical accompaniment whilst writing and planning, and thousands of children every year sign up eagerly for piano lessons.
What’s interesting to consider is how the piano has managed to maintain its’ grip on the finest musical minds in the world and continues to be so beloved that every year thousands search out classical and yamaha digital pianos for sale.

#1. Versatility

Music changes with every passing year. Each decade has a sound of its’ own and with the sound often comes a different instrument. The 1980’s are characterised by a synthetic sound born from drum machines and synthesisers, whilst guitars and drums ruled the 1990’s. It seems odd that the piano is one of the only musical instruments which is capable of transcending a genre of music and instead fits into all. Some instruments are so distinctive they might only fit properly into one style of music (such as a tin whistle or a steel drum), but the piano lends itself to all varieties and is able to match speeds, tempos and tones of all types of music.

#2. Composing

As has already been noted, the piano is still the musical instrument of choice for songwriters throughout the world. It doesn’t matter which genre you’re writing for and whether you’re intending for the music to have lyrics or not, in order to write, you must have an instrument so that you can play and hear what you’re putting together. Although some might favour a guitar, especially recent singer-songwriters such as Ed Sheeran, others such as Gary Barlow have returned to the piano because of the versatility and sound it can offer to them.

The reason for this is that the piano is capable of playing a variety of chords at the same time and therefore gives a much clearer idea of what a finished sound will be. This can be especially useful if the music being composed will eventually be played by an entire orchestra or band.

#3. Ease

There are some instruments, such as the oboe which are notoriously difficult to learn. However, in contrast, the piano is seen as being one of the easiest to learn and master meaning that the player gets to make an attractive sound in a much shorter time. This doesn’t mean that high quality playing comes easily: more that practice quickly pays dividends.