What is DNAxCAT Token?

The DNAxCAT Token($DXCT) is the BEP-20 Governance Token for DNAxCAT Metaverse and also the glue that binds all members of the DXC community together.

$DXCT holders will get reward by holding token, participating in the game and the key governance votes. …

Q: What do players need when summon?

A: Players just need to prepare two Genesis Meow Warriors, enough BNB and $DXCT, and enough summon count within the limit times.

Q: Where will the egg be when summon?

A: When players meet the summon conditions and summon successfully, the egg will…

Dear DNAxCAT fans,

Thanks for your support! We are so excited that DNAxCAT game gets into testing phase soon!

To participate in the game, you need to have a meow warrior to company you.

Here is the guide for Genesis DNAxCAT Crystal NFTs holders.

How to get your genesis cat by genesis DNAxCAT crystal NFT?

Step 1. Open https://dnaxcat.io/


Hello everyone, I am the host of the AMA. We have introduced the game content designer Puffin in the previous developer log. In view of the upcoming official launch of the game, we invited Aphelios to take you to learn about some of the game release arrangement.

Exchange Gems for Genesis Meow Warriors

  • Tiffany: How to…

Hello, everyone, I’m a Spiriter. I will introduce DNAxCAT game from the perspective of arts .

Let’s start with DNAxCAT lineup setting system.

Hello, everyone, I am Puffin. I guess you are already very familiar with me. In this session, I will take you through more details of genesis cats.

In previous sessions, we have already introduced Cat Goddess Dark Sapphire and Cat Goddess Purple Gemstone. …

Hello, everyone, I am Spiriter. Today, I will share details about the design of DNAxCAT gaming interface.


Hello, everyone, let me introduce myself firstly. I am Puffin, the designer of DNAxCAT. In this session, I will still take you through the details of the Genesis cats.

In previous sessions, we have already introduced the Cat Goddess Emerald and the genesis Cat Goddess Light Blue. …


Hello, everyone, I am Puffin, the designer of DNAxCAT, I will talk with you about some more detailed settings of meow warriors today.

Before introducing the meow warrior, let’s talk about the three major forces in the world of meow warriors: meow kingdom, Sakura Village and meow devildom.

  • Meow kingdom…

Hello everyone, I am Spiriter, the art director of the DNAxCAT team, responsible for all visual design in the game. I want to share our game development progress with you.

We will mainly introduce gaming UI today. …


DNAxCAT is a virtual pet game, running on Binance Smart Chain that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality. Website: dnaxcat.io

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