Dear Brianna Wu, We Are Team Defeat Wu.

Dear Spacekatgal,

We predicted you would determine the truth of the matter.

Our predictive analytical modeling we did showed that you had a 78% chance of defeating Representative Lynch if action was not immediately taken.

HC & BO signed off on this operation, Wu.

The resources poured to the Team Defeat Wu campaign have been magnificent.

We are as well funded as a DARPA black project.

With donations from every state, the DNCDSCC has funded the most impressive operation seen in modern times.

You are well positioned as an ideal “Woman of the People” candidate. Able to reach blue collar and white collar. Feminists and guys who drive trucks.

This could not stand. You are a Republican.

A team has been assembled that rivals the core of Obama’s digital team, the team that transformed politics in America.

Our mission? To defeat Brianna Wu.

We are behavioralists, futurists, political scientists, feminists, critical race theorists, clinical psychologists, forensic psychologists, criminologists, technologists.

That whiff of smell on the Orange Line? A very specific scent that reminds people of Fenway, hot dogs, sodas and Representative Stephen Lynch.

Ride the MBTA? Smell hot popcorn, butter, salt and Representative Stephen Lynch giving a speech to the Daughters of the Revolution.

We will beat you Wu. We are the Future. We are ALL BLACK WOMEN with advanced degrees!