Date Night Every Night

Lately I feel like I have my own advice column for an imaginary magazine. My friends are always asking me for relationship advice, and it makes me laugh every time because I definitely don’t know what I am doing when it comes to relationships. My love life is a train wreck right now and I am only 26. I tell each one of my friends that I am going to add their story to my book because the interactions that men and women have with one another need to be shared. So, I am starting “Date Night Every Night.” A compilation of interactions, desires, goals and real life moments between men and women. This will be the first of many entries, but maybe we can all learn a thing or two as life unfolds…

**it must be noted that these experiences are not all my own, but those of people in and around my life**

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If a man cannot drive his car; he cannot drive his woman: I was cruising around with a friend when we see a hella nice car. Old school, great paint job-you know those cars that just look HOT. The guy had both hands on the steering wheel and the girl was sitting far off shotgun on the bench seat. NO FELLAS. You need ONE hand on that wheel. If you got a bench seat then your arm betta be around her. If you don’t have the luxery of the bench and you’re workin’ with buckets then that other hand betta be on her thigh or at least locked in her hand. Know how to drive.

Late nights and new t’shirts: You already know how hard it is to do the walk of shame gracefully. You’re just tryin’ to get out with all of your belongings and dignity. Of course once you get home you realize that you grabbed HIS tank top rather than your cami. You were almost completely in the clear. Now you’ll just have to see him again, or find a sly way to exchange clothing over your morning Starbucks…He is your barista after all.

The cool curse: First, their interaction from a weekend group setting:

he said hi to her at the very beginning — he knows that she likes young thug — he didn’t get a milkshake because he is “worried about his physical condition.” — he complimented her while they were getting juice — he told her about the favorite part of his weekend and the story included her — they talked on the phone and told each other good things — they made collages together and he gave her art — he asked her to be a reference for an internship — she texted him about Morgan Freeman and figured out that she will probably be too weird for anyone to ever love her — he might come to her party on Saturday.

K: the interactions progressed like a well written rom com.

J: i see him this weekend and next week too. i’ve decided no more texting until then. i need to play hard to get. but in reality-i’d be so easy to get. COME GET ME.

K: that’s the beauty of PLAYING hard to get. He doesn’t need to know you’d be easy to get. You’re playing your cards right.

J: here’s the main problem i’ve run into: I’m cool. so people want my attention. I just don’t know why they want my attention.

K: then people are butt hurt when they don’t get the attention.

J: or they get the attention but never say why they want it. Friends or more than?!

K: i don’t think they know why they want it. they become intrigued and that hooks them.

J: that makes so much sense.

K: they don’t know anymore than we do.

When you are “cool” so many people want your attention. When you are “cool” you don’t understand WHY so many people want your attention. Cool people don’t know how to play hard to get because they are not hard to get. Cool people aren’t really that cool. Cool might just be another word for confidence? THAT is the cool curse.