Year in Review

We had an exciting year with more network expansions, a new record type for the first time in two years, and so much more. See what all we’ve been up to and a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2018.

Network Expansions

This year, we invested $5M back into our network in the first quarter alone. We increased capacity at our points of presence in Chicago and Ashburn.

In August, we tripled capacity at our Frankfurt point of presence, which is our most traffic PoP in Europe.

In light of recent attacks on major DNS providers, it has become increasingly important for networks to increase capacity. The most popular kind of attack is a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), which floods a victim with traffic. Networks need to be expansive and redundant to be able to absorb these massive amounts of traffic and stay online.

Recent studies have shown that DDoS attacks are on the rise in both frequency and severity. In 2016, the Mirai botnet infamously took down a security blog and a major DNS provider. The attack was the harbinger of a new breed of DDoS attacks that utilize IoT (Internet of Things) devices to send massive amounts of what looks like legitimate traffic to domains.

New Record Type

This year, we introduced a new record type called CAA Records. CAA, or Ceritifcate Authority Authorization, records allow the domain holder to specify one or more CA’s (Certificate Authorites) to issue certificates for that domain. Full documentation is available on our help site.

This is a really important for clients that want to use an SSL certificate to protect their domain. SSL certificates will be required by Google Chrome in 2018 or users will be warned that the site may not be safe.

Speed Matters

We set a new record this year when DNS Made Easy was ranked the fastest provider for 12 straight months in a row! We were also named the fastest overall provider in 2016 and 2017.

Coming Soon!

You may remember about six months ago we sent out a survey that asked our clients what features they want to see next. The options were: DDoS protection, early DDoS attack warnings, WAF, CDN, and site optimization services.

We saw an overwhelming response, especially for the DDoS mitigation and early warning features. We’ll have a better idea of when these features will be made available in early 2018 when we release our yearly product roadmap.

If you have any other suggestions for network expansions, feature requests, or just want to talk about DNS… drop us a line at

Originally published at DNS Made Easy Blog.

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