10 things I’ve learned after almost 11 months of running a startup
Charles Douglas-Osborn

Having been seeing your journey from afar, with my own experiences trying to be a solo founder, i found this post hits so many issues right on the head. It is SO MUCH harder than you ever imagine to start a company, and exponentially harder when you are running solo.

Some key points that hit me as particularly relevant

  • Its hard to be the only one in the foxhole. It doesnt matter how many people are on your team, if they arent there when you need them, it will just cost you time and stress when you can lease afford it.
  • You hit the nail on the head. There are some “startup events” that are great and Must-Attends, however the overwhelming majority are attended by ‘wantrepreneurs’ and service providers
  • Maintaining a schedule (and getting out of the home office) are crucial.
  • Its hard to constantly change hats, from fundraising, to sales, to accounting to product management, and after a while it takes a toll on your ability to do any of those things well
  • Lastly, i learned that VC’s arent there for the founders. They are there for their LP’s and other investors. Once you realize that these guys arent there to help you take your idea to the moon, and rather are there to make sure their investors make money it will change your perspective on fundraising

I am sure we will talk more about this in person, but overall, i think your message is spot on!

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