What does the future of content look like?

With the rapidly changing online landscape, the future of content creation and content distribution is in question.

Let’s start with content creation.

At the moment, content is synonymous with written, audio, and video mediums, which anyone and everyone can easily create.

With the saturation of content on the internet, it is up to the content creator to differentiate their work from the millions of others. This has placed great stress on the content creator to keep up with the ever-changing needs and wants of the consumer.

While the content consumer has never been stagnant in their needs and wants, the change has never been as speedy as it is today. Ordinary articles are just not enough. They need to be coupled with Snapchat stories, graphs, maps, and other captivating add-ons.

This leaves the future uncertain: what will content consumers want in 5 years’ time?

Predicting this is almost impossible, leaving it up to content creators to closely monitor and adapt to their audience’s needs.

The same goes for content distribution.

The opening rates of emails are low and paid advertising has become expensive (and sometimes ineffective).

This leaves social media, which has become the number one source of information and traffic. The problem is social media does not guarantee control. Many people have built audience’s on social media only to see them disappear on the whim of an algorithm change (hi Facebook) or a simple case of mismanagement (bye Vine).

Whichever way you look at it, the risk of building a content distribution network on a third-party platform is high.

So, where does this leave us at the end of the day?

Does the future of content creation involve a strange mix of advanced content forms, or will we return to traditional content types?

Does the future of content distribution consist of content creators using their own mini-platforms or will we still be dependent on large third-party platforms?

All I know is that the future is uncertain, scary, and exciting. What do you think it will look like?

Written and published by Davina Ngei — Moderator on Strategic Social Networking. Many thanks for reading, and be sure to check out Strategic Social Networking Community on Google+ to connect with tens of thousands of IT professionals online. You’re also welcome to follow Strategic’s brand page on G+ for the latest industry news.