How $DOGEFI is gamifying telegram and paying its users.

The word of the day is Yield Farming and everyone keeps talking about the YFI functionality. We are going to call this Breeding. In addition, market makers and exchanges who were paid absurd amounts of money to foster price action and provide enough liquidity for the token where implemented in the past. Thanks to DeFI platforms such as Uniswap we no longer have to incur these high costs and can transfer the net benefits to our community.

And if this is the case, we can create one of the most generous staking programs out there with even our first level…

Moral virtues behind fast profits.

What started with a fun idea quickly grew into a project with its own community, traditions & pioneering strategies heading into 2020. Here are a few things which sets $DOGEFI apart, starting from its website, which is not an ugly 24-hour Wordpress Basement Dweller effort.

First, the project got the involvement of Vitalik Buterin. With the words “The $DOGEFI Army leaders will never betray you!” the tokens for the initial Uniswap listing were sent to Vitalik’s personal wallet: ( Do expect a selfie with him and DOGEFI.

Second, there was no initial token raise and the Uniswap listing was silent…


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