Doge Token airdrop for Doge Coin Holders (1:10)

Even though, (we think) Doge Token is superior in every way than the aging Doge Coin, it sees Doge Coin as its meme-coin father. Doge Token team believes every Doge Coin holder should get some Doge Token.

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Doge Token airdrop

Doge Token will be airdropped to Dogecoin holders in 1:10 ratio that register before June 10th 2019. So if you have 20,000 DOGE, you get 200,000 DOGET. It is very important to register. Also, in case of question or if any cheating or exploit attempts are detected, the Doge Token team has the right to choose if a registration is valid or not. This means no funny business; otherwise you might be excluded from the airdrop.

Fund movements before and after the snapshot will be ignored. Only personal accounts can participate. Exchanges and similar services that pool funds will be ignored.

What is Doge Token?

If you do not know Doge Token (DOGET) yet, feel free to visit We are also on coinmarketcap!

How to participate?

This is completely anonymous and we will delete all data after the airdrop. Registration is really simple.

Step 1 — Create a Doge Token wallet address by following steps here.

Step 2 — Fill this Google Form

Airdrops will be processed after June 10th 2019. It can take some time but we will surely get you your Doge Tokens if you did everything correctly.

Update — There is a cap of 3M DOGET per person.

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Doge Token. Because legends never die, they revive.

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