First-Aid tips to manage close persons who constantly complains

Do any of your close persons seem to be relentlessly complaining, invading your personal space with a steady stream of personal problems and negativity, leaving little or no room for you to share your own emotional life; refusing to stop?

Dysfunctional Interpersonal relationships such as this are quite prevalent within the general population and they can take their toll on your happiness.

Managing with persons with whom you do not have a close relationship is quite easy: you can ignore them or even avoid. But how do you handle close persons, part of your family, a work colleague or a close friend?

Why people complaints?

Some parents teach their children indirectly how to complain instead of taking responsibility whenever something wrong happens. For example if the kid fell on the floor and cried some parents beat the floor in front of the kid, in other way they are telling the kid you are OK it’s the floor’s mistake!!

Some other people have learned to complain all the time because of wanting to be noticed. If a child wasn’t given enough attention then he might grow up to become an adult who always complains.

The person who always complains does it for a reason even if he isn’t aware of that reason. For example some people complain whenever they fail just to prove to themselves and to others that they are worthy and that the failure wasn’t their mistake.

Those people might be complaining because of the false beliefs they have about failure, in other words they think that failing will make them worthless.