Dustland Operation Ape Allowlist, Live Now!

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5 min readMay 10, 2022


Dustland players, get ready to grab an Exclusive Access Pass NFT

After much chatter and a pile of hints about the side quest, M2E audio adventure Dustland Runner kicks off the Operation Ape Access Pass NFT allowlist, from May 10 at 06:00 to May 17 06:00 UTC. ​​The mint price is approximately 100 USDT equivalent of ApeCoin (exact mint details will be disclosed later).

What does the Access Pass do

The Access Pass’s main utility is that it grants players exclusive entry to Operation Ape missions, a Dustland side quest, and players on Ape missions will earn DOSE tokens from a separate Dustland reward pool. They are also granted access to future Ape missions’ unique rare crafting items.

In the future, OliveX (BVI) will set up a DOSE/ApeCoin liquidity pool for the token pair so that DOSE earned from Dustland Runner can be swapped for ApeCoin.

Getting on the Allowlist

Players must meet simple criteria in order to be eligible to mint the Operation Ape Access Pass NFT. They must have three in-game “completion tickets” on the inventory page OR three Kettlemine NFTs*

*Players who opt to mint will use/burn their completion tickets/Ketttlemine NFTs. Those opting not to mint will not have completion tickets deducted, and the unused NFTs will be airdropped to wallet addresses provided. Check back for full details.

What You Need For the Allowlist

If you don’t have completion tickets*,

  1. Download the Dustland Runner app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
  2. Create or access an existing Dustland account
  3. Play the game and complete missions to get three in-game “completion tickets” on the inventory page

*New players, please note the time between new completion tickets resets at 00:00 GMT/UTC each day.

If you don’t have Kettlemine NFTs,

  1. You can get your Kettlemine NFTs here: http://bit.ly/OpenSeaDustland

2. To learn more about the Kettlemine NFT, please check out our previous announcement: https://bit.ly/KettlemineFaq

Note: We noticed that Polygon might be experiencing some glitches today, May 10. Please consider adjusting your gas price to “high” for the day.

Step-by-step Guide

If you decide to spend 3 completion tickets:

  1. Make sure your Dustland account is linked with your MetaMask wallet. If they are not, go to www.thedustland.com to register an account or login. Link your MetaMask wallet to your existing Dustland account.

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet on ape.thedustland.com

3. Click “Completion Ticket” and “Confirm”

4. You’ll see the below message when you successfully get on the allowlist. You can also view your allowlist status by clicking “View Allowlist Status” on ape.thedustland.com

If you decide to burn 3 Kettlemine NFTs:

  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet on ape.thedustland.com

2. Click “Kettlemine NFT” and “Confirm” to trigger MetaMask transaction

3. After the transaction is successful, you’ll see the below message when you successfully get on the allowlist. You can also view your allowlist status by clicking “View Allowlist Status” on ape.thedustland.com

Watch a 3-minute breakdown of the Operation Ape Pass NFT by Dustland CEO:

About Operation Ape

Operation Ape: Exclusive Access Pass NFT passholders will be granted entry to special Operation Ape missions in Dustland Runner, where players are tasked with helping a colony of science-boosted apes, including Buster, Dustland’s very own BAYC#8222, evade pirates and rescue their captured leader, St Jenna OneOne.

To learn more about Dustland Runner, Operation Ape, and for a chance to get on the allowlist and buy access to the exclusive Pass, hit www.ape.thedustland.com.

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