OliveX Fitness City in The Sandbox

DOSE Token
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Come and experience it yourself Apr 11 — May 2, 2 PM UTC!

This unique experience combines fun and story-driven games with fitness and rewards. Players can explore hidden corners, escape labyrinths, climb ladders, and clear obstacles to complete quests, which are interrelated, so strategic planning is crucial for success.

The launch marks the debut of playable avatars for Gym A Club holders. The avatars feature five different characters with varying rarities, including Muay Thai World Champion Alain Ngalani. Players can connect with other holders and make new friends while interacting with our partners, such as Gym Aesthetics, Go24, and Salsation, to name just a few. The experience is LIVE NOW.


Enter the world of Dustland — an audio-based running adventure game and Polygon’s top move-and-own game — by starting in The Sandbox from the iconic New Alice Springs. Prepare to experience the game in entirely new ways and bump into familiar characters as you explore!

Visit New Alice Springs in voxel form.

Meet our characters Jade Ingram, Andrea, Sketchy Galore and the Vagabond.

Dustland Runner (Download here)

In Dustland Runner, players listen to a lore-fill audio story while completing missions by either walking or running outdoors. Upon mission completion, players will be rewarded with our OliveX Fitness City native token, $DOSE (the token stands for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin — all the happy chemicals after exercise), and crafting materials. If luck comes calling, players would even pick up a rare Floppy Disk to craft into some awesome-looking Boots.

Dustland Rider (Download here)

In Dustland Rider, players will ride through the missions indoors while appreciating the AAA-rated graphics that bring Dustland to life. While riding, players can be chased by cybernetic warhounds, or be compelled to choose between different routes via speed adjustment.

Fitness brands you LOVE

We’ve partnered with some of the best in-class fitness brands in our fitness city. Each brand will have a unique experience and building for you to play in.

Gym Aesthetics, Salsation, Go24, Cycliq, Stages, Playinnovation, Trib3, and Myzone

Visit virtual stores, gyms, and sporting areas to pick up your most favorite workout clothes and equipment so that you’re all ready for some sweat and $DOSE.

Be sure to check out every floor and corner of each building to ensure you don’t miss any gems on the way!

Sandbox Experience Reward

Eligibility criteria is as follows:

Complete all quests in the OliveX Fitness City during the event while holding one or more of the following NFTs. If you want a chance to the prizes and not holders yet, go grab one now!

Snapshots of holders will be taken at two timestamps. You must be a holder at both occasions to be eligible.

  • First Snapshot: 2 May 2023 22:00 (UTC+8)
  • Second Snapshot: Ahead of the mystery box drop time (est. a few weeks after the experience ends, date and time TBC). Potential rewards up for grabs include: Sandbox voxel show, Dustland Runner resources and game NFTs, $DOSE, $APE and Sandbox lands.


  • Players who completed all quests will receive one Mystery Box on the Polygon network. This will come a few weeks after the experience ends.
  • Your Mystery Box will have traits that reflect the NFT(s) you hold, each granting access to different reward pools. For example, if you hold an Operation Ape Pass NFT and a Genesis NFT, your Box will have both traits enabling entry to both reward pools.
  • The number of qualifying NFTs held in the same wallet increases the chance of receiving a random prize inside the box.
  • Reward pool items include a Sandbox asset (shoe), Dustland Runner resource bundle/game NFT, $DOSE, $APE, and Sandbox land. Those with a green tick are guaranteed within the box while the rest will be by chance.
  • Eligible holders are entitled to a chance at $DOSE and $APE from US$5 to US$500 only upon completion of quests. Values may vary.
  • For Genesis holders, they get an extra chance at potentially getting a Sandbox land compared to all other holders (not guaranteed, limited quantities).

See you in the Sandbox!

About OliveX (BVI) and $DOSE

OliveX (BVI) is building a fitness metaverse where players can work out at home, in the gym, or outdoors to gain in-game rewards. These experiences are linked together with $DOSE, which can be attained as a reward in one experience and spent in another. Follow us on social media for the latest updates and announcements related to $DOSE: www.linktr.ee/dosetoken

Restrictions on our Games, Fitness Metaverse, and $DOSE

Restrictions due to compliance regulations for different jurisdictions apply. Residents from certain jurisdictions may not earn $DOSE or participate in NFT sales and/or campaigns in our fitness metaverse. Additional restrictions may apply depending on the type of game or experience you are attempting to access.