User Guide for Participating in DOSI Land

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Hello, DOSI Citizen! This is DOSI Team.

DOSI Land(beta), a weekly raffle event designed for DOSI Citizens, is getting ready to make its debut.

DOSI Land is a weekly raffle event in which DOSI Citizen users holding DOSI Citizen NFTs at Lv2 to Lv4 can participate. Winners of DOSI Land will receive FINSCHIA(FNSA) tokens as prizes, based on the respective conditions.

In this article, we would like to provide a user guide for participating in DOSI Land.

Let’s get started!

DOSI Citizen Ecosystem Structure

DOSI Citizen is a membership program and NFT project of DOSI that aims to achieve “One billion Citizens.” It has been building an ecosystem based on four core strategies.

  • Infinity x Uniqueness
  • Fun, Intuitive and Profitable
  • Level up NFTs
  • An Ecosystem Built by the Citizen Community

Through these strategies, DOSI Citizen has achieved over 4.9 million holders in more than 100 countries and over 190,000 traders with over 370,000 transactions since its beta launch in September 2022. Now, it is nearing the release of DOSI Land, the final milestone in Phase 1 of its roadmap. DOSI Land is a system where contributors to the DOSI ecosystem can gain tangible benefits, aiming to empower them as true owners of the DOSI Citizen ecosystem and provide them with substantial advantages.

Citizens, as central participants in the ecosystem, contribute to the ecosystem not only through NFT transactions in DOSI but also in ACRZ, AVA, and GAME DOSI. They utilize membership points, DON, and Level-Up Pass (Pass) earned through these transactions throughout the ecosystem. By leveling up their Citizen NFT, they generate more value, and in DOSI Adventure and DOSI Arcade, they can obtain NFT prizes. In DOSI Land, they receive FNSA prizes based on the level of their Citizen NFT, as well as the consumption of DON and Pass.

In this way, both users and platforms are growing together within the Citizen ecosystem.

DOSI Land Participation Guide

DOSI Citizen users, utilizing their respective Citizen Lv2~4 NFTs, can participate in the weekly DOSI Land event and have a chance to win FNSA prizes.

Step 01. Welcome to DOSI Land!

Enter DOSI Land and check out the ongoing events for this week! Depending on your Citizen level, you can see the rewards and winning probabilities for three different lands that are accessible.

Step 02. Select a Zone!

There are three Zones available for each land. Check the required DON and Pass for each Zone and find out which Zones you are eligible to participate in!

You can see real-time participant count, the number of Citizens, and the quantity of Pass available.

Step 03. Participation Completed!

Once you select the Zone you wish to participate in, your event entry will be completed! Remember, linking your DOSI Vault is essential to receive FNSA prizes after winning, so don’t forget to do it!

Step 04. Check your Winning!

Check the participation information for each round and the details of the land you participated in! Winners will be selected every week, and the announcement of the winners will be provided.

Quick and Simple Guide at a Glance!

1. Enter a land based on the level of Citizen NFTs you own.

2. Select one zone to join in the land that you entered.

3. Check out the requirements and submit to complete participation.

* Requirements include DON, Level-up Pass

4. Winners will be announced via Notice and receive FNSA rewards based on the snapshot upon participation.

* You must register DOSI Vault address at ‘Seller information’ in DOSI Wallet to receive rewards.

5. Don’t worry if you didn’t win. You will get back 80% of DON and 100% of Pass submitted for participation.

Take a quick look at the easy-to-understand structure diagram of DOSI Land, which we have explained through the announcement and user guide.

* Check the Introduction of DOSI Land:

DOSI Land (beta) FAQ

Since the release of DOSI Land, we have received a lot of interest and various questions from the DOSI community. We would like to share some of the answers with you.

1. FNSA Reward Logic

The most important aspect is the FNSA token economy. DOSI Land is designed to contribute to the activation (usage) and adoption of the FNSA token economy. The reward pool calculation will also be adjusted based on an index that considers FNSA liquidity and the roadmap.

Additionally, the prize distribution will be divided among the winners, and we plan to provide additional benefits for participants who engage in FNSA staking.

2. Introduction of Probability, Zones, and Level-up Pass

The goal of DOSI is to provide rewards and fun to contributors based on their contributions. However, simply providing fixed rewards proportional to the level and quantity is not feasible in major countries. The harm caused by unsustainable services affects the community. Therefore, the following policy design has been implemented. We have introduced winning probabilities (Lv2<Lv3<Lv4) and at the same time, if not selected as winners, 80% to 100% of the consumed DON and Level-up Pass will be refunded. Rewards are weighted towards the winners, ensuring that the expected rewards are ultimately designed to be the same.

While proportional distribution based on quantity is challenging, we have designed different Zones within a single Land to allow users who make greater contributions to receive more prizes. To mitigate the risk of fixed rewards proportional to quantity, we included it to a minimum extent possible from a weighting perspective. The Level-up Pass policy is designed to apply weight to users who contribute continuously from an ecosystem perspective, as it is only obtained based on actual contribution (purchase).

3. Participation in Multiple Lands Simultaneously

If you possess DOSI Citizen Lv2 ~ 4 NFTs, you can participate in up to three Lands within a given week.

However, within a single Land, you can only participate in one Zone.

4. Background of Prize Distribution Logic upon Winning

The prize distribution upon winning is designed to be as proportionate as possible to the quantity of prizes, with a weightage given to Citizen NFT quantity (70% weight) and a weightage for sustained contribution while mitigating certain risks (30% weight based on Level-up Pass holdings).

When distributing prizes in the Sapphire Starlight Land (for Citizen Lv3), only the quantity of Citizen Lv3 NFTs is considered for weightage. The quantities of Citizen Lv2 and Lv4 NFTs are not included.

We have provided a user guide for DOSI Land so far. Did it help you? We kindly ask for your continued interest and support for the upcoming launch of DOSI Land(beta).

If you have any questions about DOSI Land, please visit the DOSI Discord. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improving DOSI Land.

We will be back with more updates soon.

Thank you.