If you have identified any factors that influence your team potential or outside interference, please share in the comments section below.
A “Formula” for Building a High Performance Team
Brice Nkengsa

Excellent views on HPTs. Thanks, Brice!

On Team Potential, I think Culture is a contributing factor too. A team with a clearly expressed purpose, excellent skillsets, and psychological safety may still underperform if the prevailing atmosphere, mindset, and mentality aren’t progressive, doesn’t encourage excellence and integrity. VDAP will most likely have positive scores if a strongly positive Culture is added to the mix.

For example, any team made up of great individuals, without a great culture that emphasises excellence and integrity may compromise on standards and best practices just to meet deadline or deliver way before deadline, thus delivering mediocre “working” products which they may hope to improve upon later and which they never will as technical debt grows amidst increasing entropy and no much time on the team’s side to refactor. Ultimately, the performance index of such a team will be on the downside especially as more features are added to the already massively disorderly and messy codebase: tiny changes become inordinately expensive to make.

There may be other factors that influence Team Potential, but I think a great Culture that makes all team members maintain excellence and integrity at all times is one.