A Slave Trade Pilgrimage

Thanks for sharing.

Humbling and revealing. And thank goodness Old man Cornerstone didn’t allow you to drink from that well.

“…my mind prepared possible explanations for the inexplicable”, same did mine as I read about the Spirit Attenuation Well. And I came up with a likelihood that reveals Old man Cornerstone didn’t tell all.

In my mind, that well was poisoned with a mild potion, strong enough to make whoever drinks from it lose consciousness until an antidote is applied. The shaman then gave the potion’s antidote to the captors to apply on the captives when they arrived at their destination. By the time the antidote is applied and the captives regain consciousness, it was too late to fight, they’d come too far.

Old man Cornerstone was kind to have prevented you from drinking from that well because if the story as I see it in my mind is correct, you could have passed out with the possibility that there’d be no antidote to revive you.