Now Hiring Friends: Whites Need not Apply
Real Talk: WOC & Allies

Sister, I get your pain. I truly do. But be careful. There also Black people who are promoting our own (Black) demise in order to fill their own pockets. Judas betraying Jesus for 12 pieces of silver kinda thing. Judas, if I am not mistaken was from the same humble background as Jesus (FYI, I am not religious but I do think the stories are important). I mentioned this because I both feel and think it is irresponsible to judge people on shade alone. I’ve met some ignorant White folks. I have gone to prestigious PWCs as well (on the East Coast). For the all the horrible and mediocre White people I have met, I have met some amazing White people who truly get it. And they get it more than most of my Black friends. It would be sad for you to miss out on real allies. Not sure if you have any East Coast experience, but I do feel that the West Coast is more laid back than the East Coast and therefore folks have not been challenged as much to check their privilege and perception. My humble is advice to be patient. Your college roommate is clueless and it is not entirely her fault. She is a product of her environment. Learn to educate her without giving up of yourself. Example: “I just read this amazing book on race relations called “Between the World and Me. The author also talks about his experiences in France. Hope you get a chance to read it. Enjoy your day.” This is minimal effort as you have already read the book. You are not forcing on her. Merely telling her about a good read as you would with any other book. Over time, if she’s smart she may become thirty to learn more. At this point, direct her to helpful resources for it is not your job to educate but if you consider her a friend, “as ignant as she is” lol. Direct her. Good luck. Stay Strong!!!

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