DPE Conducts Internal Organizing Training at OPEIU Conference

DPE’s Michael Wasser and OPEIU’s Cindy Schu

DPE Legislative and Outreach Director Michael Wasser joined OPEIU leaders and activists in Memphis, Tennessee, for their union’s 2018 All-Regions Educational Conference. Wasser conducted two workshops for over 80 OPEIU members on the basics of internal organizing, including new hire orientations.

Drawn from DPE’s Extend the Invitation: A 10 Step Approach to Internal Organizing and Growing Your Union: Engaging Professionals Through New Hire Orientation, the workshops introduced conference participants to proven, straight-forward actions for cultivating more committed, engaged members. Attendees were able to try out the internal organizing strategies through the workshops’ interactive components.

DPE staff is available to present the Extend the Invitation and/or the Growing Your Union presentations (or trainings on other DPE organizing resources) to affiliates’ leadership, staff, and activists. These trainings are customizable to the affiliates’ members and the industries in which they work. Please contact DPE Legislative and Outreach Director Michael Wasser for more information.