How to Capitalize on Professionals’ Support for Unions and Win Organizing Campaigns

Most professionals say they would join a union given the opportunity, but how can this interest be turned into organizing victories?

The newly released Guide to Organizing Professionals, 2018 Edition answers this question by breaking down professionals’ attitudes towards unions and providing pointers to develop strategies that will win over professionals in an organizing campaign. The Guide relies on survey data from nonunion professionals and breaks down professionals’ preferences by age, work sector, political party, gender and age, race and ethnicity, and earnings. DPE’s Guide to Organizing Professionals is a must-have for union organizers and local union leadership aiming to organize professionals.

“With the addition of the survey data on professionals’ views towards unions, this is the most comprehensive guide DPE has ever released,” said DPE President Paul E. Almeida. “We know professionals want a union, so let’s organize them!”

Over 6.1 million professionals call themselves union members–42 percent of the labor movement. With over 53 million professionals in the labor force, there is a lot of opportunity to organize professional employees and DPE’s Guide to Organizing Professionals can help.

A preview of Guide to Organizing Professionals, 2018 Edition can be viewed here. DPE affiliate unions interested in getting a copy of Guide to Organizing Professionals or having a DPE staff member give a presentation on the guide should e-mail If your union is not an affiliate of DPE but is interested in becoming one, you can contact DPE President Paul Almeida.