[DarpalRating] Github Audit for 200 Blockchain projects — March 2018

Apr 20, 2018 · 4 min read

April 19th, 2018; by Darpal Rating team, Translated by Xu Guangqian&Tyler Garant

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After the release of DarpalRating-Code Audit List of February, we get plenty of feedbacks from our readers. If there are any new projects that you’d like to add into our list, please comment this article and let us know.

In this list, we have made the following modifications:

1. Enlarge the range of projects: we take advantage of new technologies to enlarge the number of projects that are under evaluations. At present, the top 200 projects on marker value are all included and more projects will be evaluated later.

2. Amend the method of ranking code-committing times: we take a look at the previous lists carefully and we find that according to the previous model, there are some projects that may lose half star just because that they have committed code for 99 times rather than 100 times. However, in essence, there is only little difference between these two numbers. The original evaluation standards are not fair in some thresholds. Therefore, we make some modifications on ranking code-committing times.

3. Enrich ranking elements: we add the market value in the end of every month into our evaluations so that it will be easier for readers to find technical currencies that have great room for appreciation.

Later, we will ensure that readers can get to know the upgraded code library of every project on the website of DarpalRating. Please look forward to it.

Focus on DarpalRating-Code Quality List, then you can smile at token price changes and get to know the essence of projects.

How do we rate?

Popularity of the Library

Popularity of the Library is defined as the mean number of Watch, Star and fork. Very High: > 500, High: between 100 and 500, MediumL between 20 and 100, Low: Below 20.

Number of Contributors

Number of Contributors: The number of contributors that have committed code in the last month. High: More than 12, Medium: between 6 and 12, Low: Below 6.

Release Frequency

Release Frequency: We took the version release frequency of Bitcoin and Ethereum, 14.31 days for a new release, as a reference value. We then divide the number of average days spent for a new release by 14.31 to get a release frequency score. High: below 2, Medium: between 2 and 4, Low: above 4.

e.g. The main chain of EOS has been released 35 times from 4/1/2017 to 4/2/2018, for an average of 9.13 days between new releases. This divided by 14.31 is 0.71, so the release frequency of EOS would be considered high.

Type of commit

A1: Continuously, steadily developing new features

A2: Fixing Bugs and testing after new feature developments

A3: Releasing few new features based on initial commitment and changing configurations.

B: Fixing bugs and testing for Devops

C: Changing configuration for Devops

D; Cannot be defined in any above category

The overall rating ranges from 1 to 5

Popularity of the library: 1 point for Very High, 0.5 points for High, no point for Middle or Low;

Number of Contributors: 1 point for High, 0.5 point for Medium, no point for Low

Release frequency: 1 point for High, 0.5 point for Medium, no point for Low

Number of Commits: 1 point for over 200 commits, 0.5 point for between 100 and 200 commits, no point for between 30 and 100 or below 30

Commit type: 1 point for A1 or A2, 0.5 point for A3, no point for B, C and D

Notice that We only audit core libraries. The definition of core library varies for each project.

Here’s the list:

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